The Art Cake School

Learn how to make edible art. Cake decorating, sugar paste modeling, gelatine art and much more.

Hello my friend,

Welcome to "The Art Cake School"
I am so happy to have you here!

"I believe desserts can be pretty, can be artistic, and everyone can learn how to do it."

Cristina Arévalo...yes, I said so!

The Art Cake School is a CREATIVE place for bakers, cake decorators, and gelatin artists, to learn how to turn their sweets into small pieces of art and make them look beautiful.

Make edible art, learn cake decoration using sugar paste, create sugar paste modeling pieces and learn gelatine art.

Here you can also become confident in your skills, and learn how to become an Instructor to share your knowledge with others through courses and material on how to teach your craft.

Enroll for FREE and enjoy the tutorials I have for you now, and stay tuned for more lessons and courses!

This school is now under construction, please stay tuned as new courses are coming soon!

My Goal

It is to teach beginners, bakers, cake decorators, gelatine artists and cake enthusiasts to review the basics, learn decoration techniques and overcome their teaching fears and struggles


For all to achieve great results on the decoration of their cakes and gelatines and also become teachers of their crafts.


With the help of my tutorials, pictorials, classes, courses, and more!