The Art Cake School

Sugar Paste Modelling. Gelatin Art. Cake Decoration.

The Art Cake School is now under construction

The Art Cake School
An online school dedicated to sugar paste modelling, gelatin art and cake decoration.

A CREATIVE place for bakers, cake decorators, and gelatin artists.

Let´s make art out of edible materials, and let´s do it together!

I invite you to enroll for FREE and enjoy the free tutorials I have for you.

Also more classes inside like the complete course on 3D Gelatin Flowers

My Goal

It is to help cake decorators, gelatine artists, and cake enthusiasts to stay creative and improve their skills.

And also to help cake decorators and sugar artists to be motivated, informed, and organized.


Because I love to help!


With the help of tutorials, pictorials, classes, courses, and a customized mentoring program for cake artists.